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Remote Control – start, stop, change direction

Single Speed adjustment on control box

Dynamic Braking

Soft-Start Acceleration

The Pro Cutter 009™ Training System is a compact, variable speed trainer that contains the same high-performance industrial components as our other models. Features include soft-start acceleration ramp, climate control, dynamic braking, and rider operated remote control. Using the remote control gives the rider the ability to start, stop, and change direction of the flag, eye-ball, or cow from horseback. Speed is adjusted through a single control knob on the control box.


Each Pro Cutter 009 package includes:

  • Pro Cutter 009 control box

  • Remote Control

  • Antenna

  • Trainer Flag,

  • Flat-braid rope

  • 5″ return pulley with mount

  • 2-Year Warranty

  • Australian 240v


$2750 includes GST


Reasonable freight prices available Aus & NZ wide

Pro Cutter 1502 Mechanical Cow Unit 

The Pro Cutter 1502 Training System is a full sized, multi-speed trainer with a host of impressive features.

Using the remote control, the rider is able to start, stop, change directions and shift between Speeds 1 and 2. This Speed Shift Technology promotes proper turns by providing slower Speed 1 to promote ‘Draw”, then faster Speed 2 to accelerate the horse through the turn. Dynamic Braking brings the system to a firm, controlled stop. Other features include Soft-Start, Climate Control, Logic Control, and Improved Speed Shifting to provide seamless transitions from slow to fast speeds.


Each Pro Cutter 1502 Package includes:

  • Pro Cutter 1502 Control Box

  • Remote Control w/Speed Change

  • Antenna

  • Trainer Flag 

  • Flat Braid Rope

  • 5” return pulley with mount

  • 2 -year Warranty 

  • Australian 240v 


 $3350 includes GST

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